OPITO - Basic Hydrogen Sulphide Training


Personnel working in potential H2S environment who are required to respond to H2S emergencies.


Passport, Adhaar Card, Voter/Driving licence, Pan card, Valid medical certificate


Four Hours


Two Years

Courses Overview

H2S gas, it's common names and where it is ordinarily found, physical properties and characteristics of H2S, common definitions such as ppm and OEL/WEL and measurement, physiological effects of exposure to H2S, how H2S is detected and personal detection equipment, actions to be taken in the event of an alarm, types of respiratory equipment available including EBA & SCBA and the importance of correct fit of the face mask, role of response teams in an H2S emergency and their use of SCBA.


H2S personal detection equipment – pre-use checks & operation, Responding to an alarm, EBA fitted with a hood – pre-use checks & operation, EBA with mask - pre-use checks & operation. Method of connection/ disconnection to a pressurised cascade air supply with an activated EBA, which has been donned correctly.

Helicopter Landing Officer / Helicopter Landing Assistant

Duration: 2 days

Validity: 2 years

Course Content:

  • Legislation
  • Helicopter Limitations, Layout and Markings
  • Helideck Requirements and Safety
  • Hazards associated with offshore helideck operation
  • Role & responsibilities of the offshore HLO
  • Supervise / Assist helicopter landing and departure
  • Supervise / Assist Cargo handling
  • Supervise / Assist refuelling of the helicopter

First Aid For Airline Crew

Duration: 6 Days (Initial) / 1 Day (Recurrent)

Validity: 1 Year

Course Content:

  • General principles of First Aid
  • Scene assessment and safety
  • Life support to include CPR and AED
  • Airway Management (head tilt, chin lift)
  • Basic First Aid Management (of burns and minor enjuries)
  • Initial treatment of common medical emergencies (e.g. Heart attack, stroke etc…

Helicopter Fire Fighting

Duration: 2 days

Validity: 2 Years

  • Key role & key responsibilities of the HFF-Team Member
  • Approach /assess & be present to impact at the incident area
  • Helicopter operations & hazards
  • SCBA operations / TPP / PPE / EBA / Using BA Compressor for refilling
  • Types of potential offshore helideck emergencies
  • Firefighting operations (using fixed & mobile equipment)
  • General firefighting safety goals & objectives
  • Responding to non-fire helideck emergencies
  • Purpose of typical helideck emergency systems & controls
  • Effective search & rescue for missing persons & casualties
  • Main differences between helideck emergency response on a main fixed or floating installation & normally unattended installation (NUI)
  • Casualty handling techniques / Helideck Casualty Response
  • Work with ER back-up team when required to do so
  • Communicate effectively with HLO & Team Members
  • CABC Methodology
  • Respond appropriately to HLO direction in emergencies
  • Maintenance of foam equipment & calculation of stock


Value added training for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry, Local Industries and Corporates.

BA Bottle Filling

  • Duration: 1 days
  • Validity: 2 years

Self-contained breathing apparatus

  • Duration: 1 days
  • Validity: 2 years

CPR Practical

  • Duration: 1 days
  • Validity: 1 years

Defibrillator Practical

  • Duration: 1 days
  • Validity: 1 years

Basic Fire Fighting

  • Duration: 1 days
  • Validity: 2 years

Helicopter Refuelling Course

  • Duration: 1 days
  • Validity: 2 years

Fire Watch

  • Duration: 1 days
  • Validity: 2 years

Permit to Work

  • Duration: 1 days
  • Validity: 2 years

OERTM/ HEMT /Advance Helicopter Fire Fighting/Rescue Training (with Practical)

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Validity: 2 years

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